Dr. Adele Hulzebosch

My love for animals and interest in veterinary medicine goes as far back as I can remember. I grew up in a pet filled household on the countryside. We were never without numerous dogs, cats chickens and a pig. Throughout high school I spent my free time volunteering at local veterinary hospitals and also had a number of weekend jobs at various dairy and pig farms.

After high school I went to Guelph University, obtained a Bachelor of Science degree and then graduated from Ontario Veterinary College in 1993. Initially I worked on Vancouver Island in a mixed animal practice. From there I worked at various small and mixed animal practices (including Smithville and Beamsville Animal Hospital). Shortly after getting married, I moved to northern British Columbia where I also worked at a mixed animal practice. During my time in British Columbia I had the opportunity to do volunteer work on various reservations helping to spay/neuter and vaccinate many of the stray dogs.

From northern British Columbia our family moved to Indonesia where we worked as development aid workers for 7 years. I had the pleasure of introducing and helping local Indonesian veterinarians develop animal health programs for the various small rain forest villages. These programs involved chickens, pigs (feral and domestic), cattle, goats and pets. At the same time
I was able to practice medicine and surgery for the pets of the many ex-patriots on the island. Indonesia gave me opportunity to develop a very balanced idea of veterinary medicine. We were often forced to work with what we had locally and it was a great challenge and often amazing to realize the impact one can have with very minimal resources.

Since we (my husband and 4 children) have returned from Indonesia I have come full circle. I am thrilled and blessed to be once again working at the Smithville and Beamsville Animal Hospitals. I am a member of various veterinary oriented organizations and associations.

I look forward to continuing to serve all of our wonderful clients and your pets.